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Quick Basic Keen
Quick Basic Keen.png
Fangame-ingame-Quick Basic Keen.png
Author(s)Kevin Wellwood
Created withQBASIC
OSDOSBox (in Windows)
Release date2002-08
Secret levels0

Quick Basic Keen is a DOS-based game engine written by Kevin Wellwood, designed to be an exact clone of the original Keen 4 game written in QuickBASIC, using the popular QuickBASIC game library DirectQB.

Like Flash Keen, Quick Basic Keen forgoes the level map and the cut scenes and simply runs one level to the next like a traditional platformer. Also, there is only one difficulty setting. The latest version (build 15) was released in August 2002.

It is important to note that Quick Basic Keen must be run in DOSBox under a Windows environment as ntvdm does not support it. Also, DOSBox CPU cycles must be increased in order for the game to run smoothly.


  • The game takes a long time to start and remains on the Loading screen for around 5 minutes.
  • In versions other than the latest, the menu does not pause the game, meaning you can die while attempting to save.
  • The menu is inaccessible while paused
  • The location section of the pause menu is in the wrong font
  • Keen cannot look up or down
  • The unfinished clipping can result in Keen bouncing off walls at a distance and falling through the ends of platforms
  • Hidden passages can glitch and show Keen as he walks down them
  • Sinking platforms remain stationary
  • The game must remain idle for much longer before Keen will sit down to read
  • Keen will not shrug before sitting down
  • The BAT cheat will only give Keen ammunition; nothing else
  • The END cheat doesn't work
  • No F10 cheats work
  • The Impossible Pogo Trick results in Keen jumping no higher than he does normally. However, because the pogo jump in this is slightly higher than in the original game, the trick still results in the same level of height being achieved as it does in Keen 4
  • The secret section of Border Village is not accessible
  • Slugs hover just above the ground
  • In the Cave of the Descendents, once Keen has collected the ice-cream at the bottom of the left-most pole, often the jump, pogo and fire buttons will all cease to function, requiring a "Load Game" to re-enable them.
  • Keen will not moon in the Pyramid of Moons
  • Not all the inchworms follow Keen in the Pyramid of Moons, resulting in an inability to access the Pyramid of the Forbidden or complete the level if pursued
  • In Pyramid of the Shadows, a Lick will voluntarily jump into the spikes, then will bounce on top of them rather than alongside.
  • On the Isle of Tar, one of the drops can be collected without touching it
  • The Isle of Tar's name disappears from the pause menu location section towards the end of the level
  • The game refuses to go further than the Isle of Tar, missing out a lot of levels entirely.

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