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Flash Keen
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Created withFlash
Release date
Number of levels16
Secret levels0
browser (9o3o)
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Flash Keen is a Flash clone of Keen 1 by Glen Rhodes, released on February 18, 2003.[1] It was made to be played on a browser, and is focused on the gameplay and levels.

Since Flash is no longer supported, Flash Keen cannot be played in its homepage (now defunct, but archived in the Wayback Machine, which is incompatible with the game). Flash Keen's files have been extracted and are available to download, as hosted here in the main download link, and can be played on the desktop via a Flash emulator such as Ruffle. Additionally, Flash Keen is available in Flashpoint Archive and can be played in 9o3o, an online version of Flashpoint.

Changes from Keen 1

  • The splash screen is removed.
  • The title screen is different and lacks a menu; instead there is a "PLAY" button. Because of this, all text-related sections (story, previews, etc.) are removed.
  • The function keys do not do anything. This means that the game cannot be saved.
  • The world map is removed in its entirety. Instead, the game goes to the next level after the current is beaten. This means that all levels are required, including the Secret City. If the Vorticon Commander's Castle is beaten without collecting all of the ship parts, then the game loops back to Border Town.
  • A loading screen is shown when a level is being entered.
  • The controls are reconfigured. Jumping is , shooting is , and the pogo is Shift.
  • A heads-up display is included at the bottom of the game screen, showing Keen's inventory along with his lives and score.
  • The game cannot be paused.
  • Cheats are removed.
  • Keen starts with 5 lives instead of 4.
  • Lives can no longer be gained by collecting every 20,000 points.
  • Keen loses all of his ammo after losing a life.
  • If Keen walks off a ledge or gets off the pogo while midair, he will use his standing and walking sprites rather than the falling sprites.
  • Keen has no landing lag when using the pogo, meaning that he bounces up immediately after touching the ground.
  • Keen's jump height with the pogo is fixed, regardless of whether the jump key is held down or not.
  • Keen does not stop when shooting.
  • When Keen dies, he immediately flies up without waiting and fades away.
  • Keen exits when he touches any part of the exit door (rather than just the leftmost tiles) as long as he is on the ground. The pogo does not prevent Keen from taking the exit.
  • Keen appears in front of the purple fall-through blocks. This is most evidently seen in the beginning of the Second Ice Shrine.
  • Ice blocks function the same as slippery surfaces, allowing Keen to control his speed and turn around.
  • The middle tiles of the gray pillars in the Vorticon Commander's Castle are solid at the top.
  • Some tiles do not animate, such as the exit sign.
  • Keycards are kept after usage, although they still disappear after either exiting the level or dying.
  • Ship parts no longer give points.
  • Yorp statues no longer give any messages. This applies to the Garg statue as well.
  • Yorps and Gargs vibrate while on the ground.
  • After a creature is killed, it vanishes after about a few seconds.
  • Yorps and Gargs do not hop when shot.
  • Keen does a little hop after falling onto a Yorp.
  • If a Yorp is jumped on while midair, it will not fall while stunned.
  • Gargs often make a small hop.
  • Gargs no longer run after Keen if he is within their line of sight.
  • Vorticon Guards have a smaller hitbox, which allows them to fall through one-tile wide shafts. This allows the Vorticon Commander to leave his chamber.
  • Vorticon Guards hover slightly above the ground.
  • The chain in the Vorticon Commander's Castle is absent and thus there is no way to make the stone slab fall.
  • Butler Robots push Keen away from the side he makes contact with them rather than towards the direction they walk.
  • Butler Robots do not pause when turning around.
  • Tank Robots shoot without stopping and only turn around when coming upon a wall.
  • The chunks that ice cubes break into use smaller versions of the ice cube sprite rather than a unique sprite.