The Worst Keen Fangame Ever!

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The Worst Keen Fangame Ever!
The Worst Keen Fangame Ever!.png
Fangame-ingame-The Worst Keen Fangame Ever!.png
Created withThe Games Factory
Release date2005-12-05
Secret levels0

The Worst Keen Fangame Ever! is made by StupidBunny. It was intended to be low quality, and the game itself makes a few statements on how terrible the game is.


Keen discovered a secret note in his backyard, which stated that someone will blow up the universe. He figured that it must be from Mortimer. He went into his BwB, and went to the planet Bijboj IV. He found Mortimer's base in there.


Keen plays like he would in the official games, although he has no pogo, his shots sometimes go in a random direction, and he cannot die. Most levels require going to the right side of the screen in order to advance to the next level. There are a few creatures that were from some of the official games, although they have no effect on the gameplay besides that the Poison Slugs can get hit by Keen's shots, as they have no effects on Keen himself.

In one level, Keen flies his BwB into a planet. The BwB can be controlled with the arrow keys.