Commander Keen and The Grand Intellect

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Commander Keen and The Grand Intellect
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Created withGame Maker
Release date
HomepageCKGI webpage
Discussion(s)PCKF: release, later development
Number of levels4
Secret levels0
Downloadnewest (v1.1a)
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Commander Keen and The Grand Intellect (CKGI) is a two-player fangame created by Creative madman with Game Maker. Three versions were released in October 2004. The game stars Commander Keen and Mortimer McMire (The Grand Intellect) who fight each other in selected levels from the original adventures. It uses the split-screen technique.

Creative madman worked on the now-abandoned game until at least August 2005. The new versions were intended to feature a revamped engine, multiple weapons, different game modes, a level editor and other additions.


CKGI comes with an incomplete recreation of the Galaxy engine. Both characters can shoot in four directions, use a pogo stick and climb poles, while ledge-grabbing is not yet implemented.

A player earns a point by hitting their opponent with a shot from the Neural Stunner, this also causes the opponent to be warped back to their starting position. When a player touches a hazard or falls into a bottomless pit, they are returned to their starting position and lose a point, which can also result in a negative score. Players gain ammo by picking up the respawning Neural Stunners found in a level. The first player to reach a score of 10 wins the game.


Four different levels are available. The moving platforms of the original levels are at fixed positions, enemies and most hazards don't function.