Ion Ventilation System

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Ion Ventilation System
Ion Ventilation System.png
GameKeen 5
Level number1
Dimensions58 x 88 tiles
Total points14,800
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + [[Available ammo::4x Neural Stunner]] individual shots
Extra lives10
SongWednesday On the Beach
Map of the Ion Ventilation System

The Ion Ventilation System is the first level of Keen 5. It is the first area of the Omegamatic that Keen enters after docking the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket.

The Ion Ventilation System is right on top of the main thruster of the Omegamatic (it can even be seen inside the level). The level consists of a long vertical area, with some protuberances pointing to outer space. These facts make it likely that the level is some kind of exhaust system for the ions coming from the main thruster.


Its layout is fairly simple, so the player can get used to regular enemies and hazards, in this case they are mostly Little Amptons and Sparkies. The player starts at the bottom of the level and must find the exit at the top, which looks like a regular security door that is already open, so there is no need for a keycard before exiting the level.

Miscellaneous Info

  • One of the game automatic demo sequences takes place in this level.
  • You can also see an airlock on the side of the ship that looks like the one Commander Keen used to board the Omegamatic using the Attach-O-Ray.
  • This level contains 14,800 points: 124 Shikadi Gums and 12 Marshmallows (12,400 + 2,400 = 14,800). There are 51 jars of Vitalin scattered around. Also, there are ten Kegs O' Vitalin hidden outdoors.
  • The hidden Korath III Base is visible on the surface of the planet if Keen stands in the far lower left of the map and looks down.

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