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Silly Keen
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Created withClick & Create
Release date
Number of levels1
Secret levels0
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Silly Keen is a fangame by Zerker, made in Click & Create. Instead of using CNC's infamous default platform physics, Silly Keen uses its own physics made from scratch, which are slightly better. The game includes a pogo stick, a feature that's typically left out in Keen fangames of its era.

It's worth noting that Silly Keen always starts out with the joystick enabled; the player has to go to the control settings (accessed by pressing Ctrl+Y) if they wish to switch to the keyboard. Shooting is performed by pressing the jump and pogo keys together, which is far easier said than done here due to a much tighter window.

Silly Keen is extremely short and can be beaten in no time. There's only one level, which is divided up into three sections:

  • The first section takes place in a cave, made of ice that makes Keen have less traction. Encountered here are two Bounders, three Yorps, and one green Blooglet. The song playing is Welcome to a Kick In Yore Pants In Good Ole Hillville!.
  • The second section takes place in outer space, with blue blocks (which have smiley faces) and yellow diamonds. Gravity is lower in this part, giving Keen higher jumps. Encountered here are two Bounders, one green Blooglet, and one Bloog. The song playing is Spiro Grip Me Tighter.
  • The third and final section takes place in an underwater rocky area. Instead of using a wetsuit, Keen plays like normal, but can swim upward and cannot use the pogo. Only three Dopefish are encountered here, each of whom can be defeated by three shots. The song playing is You've Got to Eat Your Vegetables!!.

There is no exit in the level; it just stops at a dead-end with two Lifewater Flasks. Interestingly, there is no game over screen either; the life count only goes as far down as zero, even when Keen gets hit. In a way, Silly Keen feels less like an actual game and more like a technical demonstration. It is unprotected, meaning it can be opened with The Games Factory, Click & Create, and their successors.