Fribbulus Xax Falls

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Fribbulus Xax Falls
Fribbulus Xax Falls.png
Fangame-ingame-Fribbulus Xax Falls.png
Created withKEENGINE
Release date
Latest update2017-10-20
Discussion(s)PCKF discussion thread
Number of levels4
Secret levels0
Downloadnewest (demo v2.1)
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Fribbulus Xax Falls is a fan-made project made with KEENGINE. The game is a mixture of old and new. It uses some Commander Keen 6 graphics, but also adds some new. The levels are new, but there is also one huge single level that is a combination of several Commander Keen 6 levels.


Commander Keen, a.k.a. Billy Blaze, is on a vacation. And what better place to go on a trip than Fribbulus Xax Falls? He took his Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket and set the familiar course to planet Fribbulus Xax! But will this be a nice vacation trip for relaxation or will it turn into something else?

Release History

Version 2.1 (20.10.2017):

  • Updated to keengine v0.48.0 (jumping from pole feels more keenish, better controllers support + various engine fixes and improvements)
  • New level: Fribbulus Xax River
  • Some new graphics
  • Various fixes in the hi-score level + appropriate demo
  • Various graphic changes and tile fixes in all maps
  • Various sound fixes (and changed some sounds to sound CK6-ish)
  • Added teleport with sound
  • Updated Fleexy: now can stop and remove his glasses
  • Talk-able Yorps changed to talk-able Blooglets + various text changes

Version 2.0 (28.05.2017):

  • Updated to keengine v0.46.1 (better physics and more)
  • Native wide screen support (16:9)
  • Added Checkpoints (sound from Atroxian Realm)
  • New enemies: Eagle from Keen 4 and Fleex (not complete)
  • Additional Mad Mushroom frame and fix
  • Zappers are now working
  • Added moving platforms and clouds
  • Added Yorp text messages
  • Various sound, text, intro, outro, help menu additions and changes
  • Tile fixes, improvements & changes in all levels

Version 1.3:

  • fixed graphical issues, uses new version of keengine (i.e. better scrolling, world map routine etc.)

Version 1.2:

  • fixed some graphical issues

Version 1.0 (2010):

  • Initial release