Commander Keen in: Holiday Hijinx!

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Commander Keen in: Holiday Hijinx!
Created withThe Games Factory
Release date2005-01-09
HomepageRidgway Films
Discussion(s)PCKF (replies lost)
Secret levels0

Commander Keen in Holiday Hijinx is a fangame created with The Games Factory by New MoonsidianX in 2005. It features most of Keens special movements like pole climbing, shooting up and down and pogo jumping. The pogo movement, however, is buggy. It is not needed anywhere in the game to complete a level. Other special features are keygems, switches for moving platforms, and a boss battle. There are also two swimming levels similar to Well of Wishes Also notable is the presence rotating cannons that Keen can jump in and shoot out similar to Donkey Kong Country.


The Lost Christmas Episode: Holiday Hijinx!

Billy Blaze, 8-Year-old genius, is pretending to be asleep on Christmas Eve as he eagerly awaits for the sound that all 8-year-olds wait for (he may have an IQ of 314, but he still believes in Santa Claus!). Suddenly, he hears footsteps and rustling below, and sleigh bells on the roof.

Unexpectedly, the next sound he hears is the front door being blown open, screams, and laser zapping sounds. Billy, donning his brother's football helmet, quickly rushes downstairs to find the Christmas tree knocked over, no presents in sight, purple ooze all over the walls, and a note on the floor: "Commander Keen, if you ever want to see Santa Claus or your presents again, you'd better'd come to the planet of Wintra VII, located on the far side of Andromeda. We'll be waiting." Commander Keen must go to Wintra VII and rescue his presents and Santa Claus from these mysterious kidnappers.

Your mission is before you. Go get 'em, Commander Keen!


  • Neural Stunner: 10 Shots
  • Keygems: Opening doors
  • Ice Cream Cone: 100 points
  • Sundae: 200 points
  • Lollipop: 500 points
  • Candy Bar: 500 points
  • Helmet: Extra life
  • Keen's Stolen Present: Grab 8 of them in the Game


Piranha: Swims around mostly in circles and bites everything that comes near it.
Snoutian: Hops around on its single leg, and snorts at Keen if it spots him. One shot to kill.
Evil Snowman: Stands still, like a normal snowman should, but might suddenly turn around to breathe fire at Keen. One shot to kill.
Skeleton: Sometimes it patrols areas, but might also stop to throw a bone at you. One shot to kill.