The Rule of a Yorp's Dinner

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The Rule of a Yorp's Dinner
The Rule of a Yorp's Dinner.png
Fangame-ingame-The Rule of a Yorp's Dinner.png
Created withThe Games Factory (demo v0.1)
Click & Create (demo v0.2)
Release date1999-11-03 (demo v0.1)
2000-08-22 (demo v0.2)
Levels3 (demo v0.1)
6 (demo v0.2)
Secret levels0
Downloaddemo (v0.2)
demo (v0.1)

The Rule of a Yorp's Dinner, also known as Rule of a Yorp's Supper, and less commonly as Friends of Commander Keen and Keen Rescue Mission is an unfinished fangame by Ilsoap. It is considered by many Keen fans to be the best Keen fangame made with The Games Factory/Click & Create. Unlike most Keen fangames, the player takes control of Keen's pet Yorp Spot, who is called Norp in this game.

The gameplay is little more than a basic platformer and the level design is simplistic. However, there are some unique elements such as a story that evolves through gameplay, a drill machine to ride on, and the ability to lick certain objects. Licking can either increase or decrease points depending on the targeted object, and it's also needed to hit a switch. When a level has enemies, it's always a unique set. While it has a few bugs, including the usual TGF/CNC bugs, it's nowhere near as bad as the average TGF/CNC game, a common attribute for the huge praise the game received. There are a lot of new graphics along with a little bit of reasonably used ripped graphics.

A three-level demo was released in 1999-11-03, while a six-level demo was released in 2000-08-22. The first demo is made with The Games Factory, while the second is made with Click & Create. Aside from new levels, the second demo also adds world maps and music. The game over song is a brand new remix of Welcome to a Kick In Yore Pants In Good Ole Hillville!. The first demo is unprotected, meaning anyone can open it with TGF/CNC or onward. The Rule of a Yorp's Dinner was going to be the first episode of a planned trilogy called Commander Keen Rescue Series. In an interview with Ilsoap, found in the eighth issue of the Commander Keen Newsletter, the author revealed his future plans for the trilogy in extensive detail. No progress on the game has been seen since then, however, so it is likely abandoned.


Title screen of the first demo.

As said in the text file included within the first demo:

Commander Keen, like every good pet owner should do, was about to feed his pet, Norp. However, just as Keen was about to give Norp his daily allowance of Mars Munchies, a rotating tractor beam sucked Keen into... well, who knows where? Norp, being the only witness to the deed (it's amazing how little attention Billy Blaze's parents pay to Billy) has to rescue Keen, because taking an owner is one thing, but taking the owner while he has the supper dish is an awful crime indeed!!!


While there's a special new password entry screen accessed through the in-game menu, there are no known passwords. Strangely, in the second demo, after leaving the password screen, the Yorp cursor in the menu will turn into a grayish-blue color.