Commander Keen Learns to Drive

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Commander Keen Learns to Drive
Commander Keen Learns to Drive.png
Fangame-ingame-Commander Keen Learns to Drive.png
Created withThe Games Factory
Release date
HomepageCrazyKeen's Commander Keen Site
Number of levels6
Secret levels0
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Commander Keen Learns to Drive is a fangame made by CrazyKeen with The Games Factory. In this game, Keen drives the KeenMobile through 6 screen-sized levels to get his intergalactic driver's license (even though he's well known for flying the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket). Despite having Keen on a vehicle, the game plays like a basic platformer, aside from one level where Keen drives in eight directions while inside a dark blue circle. Most levels each have their own gimmick, from a button that removes a couple blocks, to teleporters, to a gem and a door. The game has some strange, unusual sound effects and no music.

Commander Keen Learns to Drive is unprotected, meaning it can be opened with Click & Create, TGF, and their successors.


  • Arachnut - Moves left to right and vice-versa.
  • Blue Bird - Bounces around.
  • Dopefish - Stays still in level 1, bounces around otherwise.
  • Garg - Generally bounces around, but moves left to right and vice-versa in level 6.



While Commander Keen Learns to Drive never says anything about passwords, there are several that can be used:

  • Level 1: keen
  • Level 2: dopefish
  • Level 3: arachnut
  • Level 4: eagle
  • Level 5: teleport
  • Level 6: gem
  • Ending sequence: licence

Easter egg

In level 1, if Keen jumps onto the leftmost block in the top-left corner, he'll shoot a Dopefish. Since the spawned fish is technically the same object as the Dopefish obstacle in the level, Keen will lose a hit point each time he performs this Easter egg. However, the game doesn't check Keen's hit points in level 1, so the player can fire as many Dopefish as they'd like.