CK Saga Episode 2: Keen in Space

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CK Saga Episode 2: Keen in Space
Release date1999-07-20
Secret levels0
Downloaddemo + beta
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CK Saga Episode 2: Keen in Space is a fangame produced by Derek Barber and Steven Wallace in 1999. The game was never finished, but a demo that dates back to 1999-06-18 and a beta from 1999-07-20 have been released. This is an arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter similar to games like Overkill or Tyrian. Apart from being called CK Saga Episode 2 this game has nothing in common with CK Saga Episode 1: The Palace of King Yarkoud


The beta of the game features VGA graphics and runs in DPMI with Dosbox on modern machines. There's no sound or music added, and apparently the graphics for the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket are still missing, only placeholder graphics are shown. There are no power-ups, only 10 points for destroying enemy ships. Each time Keen gets hit by an enemy shot the BwB Megarocket loses 10% of its shielding.

The levels are all designed similar with various types of enemy spaceships trying to shoot the BwB Megarocket. Each level is filled with a few more enemies than the preceding level and/or the shooting rate of the enemies is increased.

At the end of each level there's some kind of boss spaceship. All these boss spaceships act the same, and have identical weapons and armor. Keen is awarded 100 points and an extra life for destroying them.

The demo looks completely different, and shows only a blue ground and the player's ship. No enemies have been added here.