Watch314 MkII

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Watch314 MkII
Watch314 MkII.png
Fangame-ingame-Watch314 MkII.png
GenreSpace invaders
Created withClick & Create
Release date
Number of levelsUnknown
Secret levelsUnknown
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Watch314 MkII is a Minigame released by Commander Spleen in 2004. It looks like Keen's ComputerWrist in Keen 4-6, with the minigame Paddle War replaced by a game called Shikadi Blaster, a simple shoot them up similar to Xenon or Space Invaders. As a special feature a Skypest flies over the screen from time to time to annoy the player. There is also a screen saver that shows multiple enemies from Keen 6 in green wristwatch graphics walking by.

The Menu also has "Play Commander Keen 7" option, which plays the "uh-oh" sound from Keen 4. This is most likely meant as an ironic remark to the missing release of Keen 7.

To run, however, you need the file cncs32.dll placed in the game directory. This file is not included in the .zip provided, but can be downloaded from the Internet.