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Commander Keen 64
Commander Keen 64 Title Screen.jpg
Commander Keen 64 in-game.jpg
StatusIn development"In development" is not in the list (Alpha, Beta, Abandoned, Complete) of allowed values for the "Status" property.
Genre3D Platformer
Created withBlitz3D
Release date
Discussion(s)Official CK 64 Thread on PCKF
Number of levels16
Secret levels1
Downloadnewest (beta v0.1.5)
beta v0.1.4
pogo demo
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Commander Keen 64 is a Platformer being developed by Lava89. It is to be a 3D remake of Commander Keen 1: Marooned on Mars. The programming is done in Blitz3D and initial models are made in Wings3D.


Keen 64 Beta

The first release of the game was an early beta. It featured only Keen's basic movements and the ability to shoot non-player-characters.

Out of all of Keen 1's Non-player characters, it only featured the Yorps and Gargs. The martians had very basic movement, only being able to move back and forth in a straight path.

The beta featured one level, which was not based on any existing Keen levels.

Keen 64 Gamma ("gameplay demo")

The second major release of Keen 64 was the "gameplay demo", which featured only the level from the beta and Keen, this was to get the community's feedback on the state of the controls. The game featured three control schemes, two of which were virtually identical (except that one was designed for Gamepad and the other for Keyboard) and largely based on those for Mario 64, while the third was based on MDK2.

Keen 64 Demo

The latest and third release of the game was the Keen 64 demo, using the new controls from the "Gamma" release, it featured new animations and model designs for all characters from the beta, new NPC AI changes (especially with the Yorp), new levels (such as a new map overworld and a secret level), graphics changes to the original "beta" level (such as reflective cylinders, a new skybox and a glowing "exit" sign) and lastly new music and sounds (music provided by PCKF member ZidaneA).

To explain the creation of the new level and absence of many other Keen 1 elements (such as the pogo and vorticons), a new story was created specially for the demo. The story of the demo is set as a prequel to the original Commander Keen adventure, before the ship parts get stolen, as if Keen had explored another area of mars before landing where he landed in the first game.

Commander Keen 64: "Pogo" Demo

After the Keen 64 Demo was released, it was suggested by some members (such as ZidaneA and tulip) that it could be updated with the ability to pogo. Thus a second release of the demo was planned.

In this demo a level for the pogo was added; inspired by original pogo level in Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars. Along with the ability to grab and use the pogo in both the level it originated in and the already established demo level. There were other updates as well, which were suggested by members DaVince, MrBlack, Iv4n and Mink. This included an update on the items (such as easier grabbing and lower poly models), better camera movement in the "Classic" control scheme, improved falling and platform collision, gamepad support on the menu and then added cross-hairs that could be toggled in-game.

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