Keen Galaxies

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Keen Galaxies
Keen Galaxies.png
Fangame-ingame-Keen Galaxies.png
Author(s)Travis Lauver (TCL999)
Created withClick & Create
Release date2007-05-21
HomepageThe Keencyclopedia
Secret levels0

Keen Galaxies is a fangame created by Travis Lauver (TCL999) with Click & Create. It was in development since at least September 2003, but the author never finished and eventually abandoned the game. In May 2007, he released the approximately two-year-old demo.

The game is inspired by Escape Velocity and combines elements of action RPGs and shoot 'em ups. Keen is asked by the Vorticons to attend a meeting on Vorticon VI, with the intention to prevent a new war between the Bloogs, the Goboians (rock-mining aliens) and the respective allies. In his BWB on the way to Vorticon VI, Keen battles other spaceships and visits different planets with missions to complete. The demo contains only one space battle, one mission and two planets (Earth and Mars).