Mazes of Doom

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Mazes of Doom
Mazes of Doom.png
Release date2008-12-16
Secret levels0

Mazes of Doom is a top-view maze-game designed by JM2006 and released 2008. The goal is to collect all the candy in a level an then get to the exit in 15 different levels. There are red door blocks that are supposed to open only when you got all the candy in one level. Candy can have the form of Shikadi Soda, Shikkers Candy Bar or Doughnut, but they all give 10 points. Opening a doors gives another 50 points.

There are two enemies in this game: The Mimrock and the Treasure Eater. Both are deadly to touch and dash around the level randomly. In addition Keen can fall into pits (round black holes).

Many graphics can be recognized from Keen 4, which is supported by the story.

The Story

Commander Keen is exploring the Shadowlands while on holiday from school. He goes deep into the woods and discovers an ancient pyramid with a skull on the entrance. He walks in, jumps through the hole and now knows there is no way out as only to fight his way through several mazes which have several traps waiting for him.

Reported Bug

There is one reported bug concerning the red door block. Sometimes they can be opened with out the candy being collected. Sometimes they don't, giving Keen infinite points as he pushes into them.