Super Keen Fighter 4

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Super Keen Fighter 4
Super Keen Fighter 4.png
Fangame-ingame-Super Keen Fighter 4.png
Created withM.U.G.E.N
Release date2006-03-17 (v1.5)
Secret levelsUnknown
Other games in this seriesSuper Keen Fighter 2, Super Keen Fighter 3

Super Keen Fighter 4 is a Commander Keen fangame made with M.U.G.E.N by NicksSoftware


It has been 2 years since the last tournament; Mortimer McMire surprised everyone when he arrived last year. The Vorticons are hosting another Tournament around the galaxy this time! Everyone and everybody are open to the competition. But something weird is up. The Vorticons on planet Vorticon VI have lost contact with there colonies on Mars. Keen rushes over to Vorticon VI and tries to figure what is the problem, He is shocked! Upon landing his ship, Keen sees that the citizens are enslaved by one ruler! A forceful looking machine. It was Half Garg and Half Robot. He looked very powerful, Keen and the others could only hope he would not enter the competition. On a strange planet called Korath III a meeting is being held "It is almost complete" said a voice in the shadows. "With my 2 new devices and becoming allies with the Garg Despot, We will win the tournament and destroy Keen once and for all, There is no way we can lose and if he gets past those, I will enter and blast him away..." Meanwhile as the competition begins, applications begin coming on from various different planets of the Galaxy. Tuberia, Fribbulus Xax, The Shadowlands, and the remnants of the Shakadi from the Omegamatic. It is expected that this will be the biggest competition yet.

30 Immerse Characters

Play as Keen, Mortimer or a gigantic garg. The choice is yours. With each character having there unique special move, there are hundreds of possibilities of what could happen in any fight!

6 Different Modes

There are 6 different modes of playing. You can join the tournament in story mode, verse a friend in multiplayer, test out some moves in training and much more.

2004 Award Nominee

Nominated for the Keen Awards 2004 for Best Keen Game. Each game in the series has had a history of award nominations