Yorp Convention

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Yorp Convention
Yorp Convention.png
Fangame-ingame-Yorp Convention.png
Author(s)Neil McRae
Created withClick & Create
Release date2000-08-29
Secret levels0

Yorp Convention is a fangame created with Click & Create by Neil McRae in 2000. It features 10 screen size levels, a boss battle and various monsters and items. You play as Norp the Yorp, most of the graphics are ripped from Keen 1.


On Wednesday night, Billy Blaze lets his pet yorp, Norp, borrow his Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket to go to his meeting at Yorp Convention on Mars. Norp and his nine friends, Borp, Dorp, Florp, Gorp, Morp, Plorp, Rorp, Snorp and Zorp meet in the Yorp Convention clubhouse on Mars every Wednesday night after supper. Norp is the leader.

Like always, Norp was the last to arrive at the clubhouse. He parked the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket outside the clubhouse then he went inside. He put on his Yorp hat then he climbed up his podium then he stood on top of it because he is too small to stand behind it and no one could be able to see him back there. Norp put on his Yorp Convention hat then he said, "Places everyone!" The other nine Yorps gathered around the podium then Norp started the meeting.

"Welcomeeeeeeeee to the 17th meeting of Yorp Convention," asid Norp. "The topic of today's meeting will be nature. We will start by discussing the nature around us. And we will start with Florp. What do you think it means to have nature around us?"

"Well started Florp, "I think it means to um respect the Vorticons and other aliens around us who um I guess could be nice to us in return."

"Well, um no," said Norp, "That's not quite what I meant about 'what do you think..." Before Norp could say anymore, two Vorticons walked into the clubhouse. One was wearing a red suit and the other one was wearing a blue suit.

"Can we interrupt your meeting, we are um guest speakers?" asked the blue Vorticon.

"Um, sure, it's nice to have guest speakers," said Florp. "And thank you, Norp, for inviting them."

"But, I never invited them," said Norp in a startling tone of voice.

"Maybe someone else in the club invited them," said Florp who didn't want to be disappointed, he wanted what he thought were guest speakers to stay.

"Yeah, maybe, Plorp is the planner," said Norp.

"I never invited them either," said Plorp.

"Well he is the one who decided that the topic of today's meeting should be nature," said Norp.

"Now, now, now, do you even have any idea what you're doing?" asked the blue Vorticon.

The red Vorticon looked across the room and he thought he saw something moving inside the stove. He ran over to the stove then he opened it. Snorp was inside, so he sacked him. The red Vorticon was now standing right next to the bookshelf with his sacks. He thought he heard a rather loud bang from somewhere up above him. He looked up and saw Zorp standing on the top of the bookshelf. Zorp knocked a book down from the top of the shelf thinking it would hit the red Vorticon. It didn't the book just hit the floor. When Zorp pushed the book, he accidentally fell off the shelf too and he landed in one of the sacks.

The blue Vorticon walked over to the red Vorticon.

"All the Yorps sacked now, I believe there was a total of ten?" asked the blue Vorticon.

"Yeah, I think so," said the red Vorticon.

The blue Vorticon looked and saw that the red Vorticon had ten sacks with something in each one.

"Okay then, let's go put each Yorp in some kind of a polut."

The two Vorticons took their ten sacks and left the clubhouse. Each Vorticon carried five sacks.

Norp was the only one who had a smart hiding place. Neither of the Vorticons found him under the couch.

Norp came out from under the couch. He ws surprised to see the other nine Yorps gone. Even the club's Yorp statue was gone too.

Norp took off his hat then he took the club's big Yorp gun from the cabinet then he stepped outside the clubhouse. "I got to rescue my nine friends, it is up to me to do show," Norp said to himself outside the clubhouse.


  • Lollipop: 100 points
  • Pepsi Can: 200 points
  • Teddy Bear: 5000 points
  • Keycards: Open doors
  • Blade: To kill the boss enemy
  • Rubber Ball: High jump
  • Small House: 500 points, teleport


Skeleton: Walks around on platforms very fast and is deadly. One shot to kill
Vorticons: Jump towards Norp from time to time. One shot to kill
Butler Robot.png
Butler Robot, same behaviour as in Keen 1.
Tank Robot.png
Tank Robot, described as Vorticon Robot in the help. Similar to Keen 1 it moves on a platform and shoots from time to time.