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A number of games in the Commander Keen series were cancelled. The most recent cancelled Keen title, a mobile game, did actually see a limited release before being discontinued.

Commander Keen Meets the Meats

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Commander Keen Meets the Meats is mentioned in the ending sequence of the first released version of Keen Dreams as a possible sequel. However, it never went into development and its mention was removed from all subsequent releases of Keen Dreams.

The Universe Is Toast

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The Universe Is Toast was intended to be the final Commander Keen trilogy, but was cancelled after id Software's success with first-person shooters such as Wolfenstein 3D. A tech demo was revealed by John Romero in December 2015.

Keen Chronicles

Keen Chronicles logo designed by Industry Media.

Keen Chronicles was a proposed collection of the first seven Commander Keen games to be released for the Pocket PC by Monkeystone Games through publishing company Softek International. By March 2002, it had appeared on a number of online shopping sites. Keen Chronicles was, however, cancelled while still in the planning stages, with the pictured logo being the only product of the project.[1]

Commander Keen (mobile game)

Logo of the mobile game.
Promotional artwork.

A mobile game for Android and iOS devices named Commander Keen was announced on 9 June 2019 at Bethesda's E3 2019 conference and was planned for release in the summer of the same year. It was under development by ZeniMax Online Studios, without the involvement of the original Keen creators.

The game stars the original Commander Keen's twin son and daughter, Billy and Billie, and features both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. The mobile reboot of Commander Keen is very different from the series' previous entries. Rather than a traditional platforming title, it is a strategy game where players collect cards which are used to perform a variety of actions.

By November 2019, the still unfinished Android version eventually became available for download in certain regions. The latest available version, 0.2.1921204, dates to 10 December 2019. By June 2020, the game's website and related materials in social media were removed, though its Google Play entry still exists. No official announcement regarding the game's discontinuation was made.

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