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Keen 4-6 provide the facility to play demos (and via a cheat code record demos), so this method can be used to demonstrate how to complete levels in this series, by providing a downloadable demo of the level in question.

How to play a demo

TODO - figure out how! Maybe the use of ckpatch is necessary.

How to record a demo

Prompt for a digit number to save the Demo

Enable cheat codes and use D + F10 to record a demo. Press D + F10 again when you have finished recording to save your demo. You will be prompted for a single digit number, if you enter 3 in Keen4, your demo will be saved as DEMO3.CK4.


  • If you die while recording a demo, the game might crash (depending on your game version)
  • Two-button firing is forced on while recording, you can't use the spacebar to fire.
  • Can you complete a level while recording a demo