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The following text is a verbatim extract of GGHINT.EXE, the electronic hint sheet that was distributed with registered version of Goodbye Galaxy. This is where many of the official terms and background information comes from.


                           Copyright 1991 Id Software
                    Published by Apogee Software Productions
        P.O. Box 496389 ■ Garland, TX 75049 ■ Hints line: (214) 278-5655

                          Game designed by Id Software

                              ABOUT GOODBYE GALAXY

Last year, eight year old kid genius Billy Blaze, as galactic hero Commander
Keen, saved the Earth from the Vorticon invasion, in the "Invasion of the
Vorticons" trilogy.  Now Billy faces an even greater threat...

Billy Blaze is in his backyard fort testing his newly built Photachyon
Transceiver.  Simply put, it's an instantaneous radio that can pick up signals
anywhere in the galaxy.

While listening to an alien sitcom, "My Favorite Yorp", Billy hears a
disturbing message:  Bzzt...grdddz...oment of great triumph...ferrrt ...ast the
Milky Way will be...zzz...terly destroyed...buzzt...can stop us now.  We will
remake the galaxy in the name of the Gannalech.  Power to our race!  Pow...rrp
..to the Shikadi!...Bizzzip.  "So the Shikadi are planning to destroy the
galaxy, huh?", thinks Billy.  "Sounds like a job for... Commander Keen!"

Commander Keen:  Goodbye Galaxy is a two episode adventure that takes Billy to
the other end of the Milky Way galaxy.  In episode one, "Secret of the Oracle",
Keen rockets to an alien planet to rescue the Keepers of the Oracle, who are
the only ones capable of helping Keen find out more about the Shikadi.  Keen
must find out who are the Shikadi and why are they planning to obliterate our

After completing his fantastic mission in the first episode of Goodbye Galaxy,
Keen learns of the Shikadi's enormous ship, which doubles as the largest weapon
ever built.  So in episode two, entitled "The Armageddon Machine", Keen faces
his greatest challenge yet ─ to save the Galaxy!


You must first install each of the two volumes before playing.  Place disk one
in the appropriate disk drive.  Select the drive from the DOS prompt.  Type
"INSTALL" and press the <ENTER> key.  The installation program will prompt for
the drive and then for the directory into which the software will be copied.
Press <ENTER> to accept the defaults or type the destination of your choice.
The installation program for multiple disk sets will prompt for additional
disks as needed.  After installation is complete, the two games may be played
by typing either "KEEN4E" or "KEEN5E".

Please note that if you purchased the CGA specific version, the commands to
start the games are different.  For the CGA only version, they are "KEEN4C" and

                                 GENERAL HINTS

■ If you are getting too tense, the PAUSE key will temporarily halt the
  game, and will let you catch your breath.

■ If you're playing with the keyboard, two-button firing hampers the use of the
  impossible pogo trick.

■ To lower Keen through holes in the ground, press the down arrow key and
  at the same time press the jump key.  This is known as the "down jump"

■ If you grab onto an edge, you don't have to pull up right away.

■ To erase the high scores, delete the CONFIG.CK4 or CONFIG.CK5 file.  If you
  do this, you will also need to reselect any joystick settings or game
  settings, if applicable, as this information is stored in the CONFIG files
  in addition to the high scores.

■ Save the game.  Often.  You'll be glad you did.


■ There are seven free Keens on level 1.

■ You can get to the top of the Pyramid of the Moons.  We're talking the

■ There is a hidden area at the top of the Cave of the Descendants.

■ Princess Lindsey appears twice.

■ In the Chasm of Chills, a slug holds a secret.

■ There's stuff hidden very well in Hillville.  All you need is a flash of

■ There's a free Keen in Miragia.

■ There's a free Keen in the Pyramid of the Ancients.

■ There's a free Keen on the Isle of Fire.

■ There's at least seven free Keens in the Pyramid of Shadows.

■ You can get to the secret pyramid by way of something in the Pyramid of the
  Moons.  Reread the Cast of Characters carefully.

■ Dopefish also like to eat the small schoolfish that follow you.

■ Pressing button 1 makes you swim faster.

■ You can squash skypests by jumping on them with your pogo stick.

■ You can only shoot mimrocks when they are jumping at you.

■ Mad Mushrooms leap higher on the third bounce.


■ There are NINE free Keens on level 1.

■ Hidden in two of the levels are the names of the two level designers,
  Creative Director Tom Hall and Software Engineer John Romero.

■ There are 30,000 hidden points near the start of Defense Tunnel Sorra.

■ You've probably figured this out, but pogo on the fuses to break them.

■ The way to the secret level is in the Gravitational Damping Hub.  To find out
  how to find it, look down and translate.

■ You can't destroy the QED directly.  Find someone (or something) that can.

■ You can look down and duck under nearly-invincible Slicestars and rather
  vincible Volte-faces, but not under Robo Red.

■ You can stand right next to Robo Red and not get shot, but then you are
  right next to Robo Red, which isn't very fun either.

                               SECRET CHEAT KEYS

If you're really stuck on a level press the letters  B, A, and T all at once.
You'll get lots of shots and keygems, plus an extra Keen.


As a registered user of Goodbye Galaxy, you are welcome to contact our
Technical Support and Hints Department for any assistance required.  Technical
support and hints may be received by phoning (214) 278-5655, Monday through
Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 pm Central Standard Time or writing to
Apogee Software at P.O. Box 496389, Garland, TX 75049-6389.

To assist us in providing you with faster service, please be at your computer
system when calling.  Written inquiries should include your order number,
system type and accessories, and any 'terminate and stay resident ' (TSR)
programs you happen to be running.

Please do not call the 800 line for technical support or game hints as this
information will not be given there.


Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter is a SPECIAL EDITION of the Commander Keen series.
It is a single, high-powered, tremendously fun game that is larger than the
entire first trilogy combined!  (Hint:  This is a REALLY BIG game.)

Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter takes place right after Billy's
incredible adventure in Goodbye Galaxy (but only if he succeeds!).

It all begins when Billy Blaze's baby sitter is stolen by a mean bunch of
hungry aliens from the planet Fribbulus Xax.  She is going to be the main
course for dinner!  With your parents due home soon, how will you be able to
tell them, "The aliens ate my baby sitter!"?

Looks like a job for Commander Keen.  Armed with your neural-stunner and pogo
stick, you hop into your homemade starship and blast off to Fribbulus Xax to
the rescue.

Your galactic rescue mission will have you battling the dangerous aliens of
Fribbulus Xax, while collecting goodies to help you along the way.  Tons of
secret areas to discover, plus you'll need to find a way to get to the space
fortress orbiting high above the planet.
AD LIB MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS.  A full musical soundtrack accompanies Keen on
his alien adventure.  Also features three skill levels, gigantic scrolling
levels, ultra-smooth animation and screen effects, save/restore games, joystick
support, and much more!  When Billy gets bored, he can even play a computer
game on his specially built watch!


Don't forget the original ground-breaking Commander Keen series!


Commander Keen is the first truly "commercial quality" game to be distributed
as shareware.  It features ultra high-speed smooth-scrolling EGA graphics and
superb sound effects.  The animation and scrolling is updated at nearly 40
frames per second, for comparison, motion picture quality cartoons are filmed
at only 24 frames per second.

The story of Commander Keen is epic, and in the style of the memorable matinee
serials, like Flash Gordon.  You play the role of Billy Blaze, eight year-old
kid genius who builds an interstellar ship when not working at home on his
college fast-track degree.  Among other household objects, Billy uses his
Nintendo joystick for flight control and his mom's vacuum cleaner (heavily
modified) for his ship's ion propulsion system (with pile height adjustment).

At the hint of galactic trouble, Billy dons his brother's football helmet and
becomes "Commander Keen"─defender of Earth!  Ever on the side of justice,
fairness, and high calorie junk food, Keen dispenses justice with an iron

Keen's first adventure takes you to Mars, where the Vorticon invasion force
is planning their conquest of Earth.  While Keen is exploring Mars the
Vorticons steal pieces of his ship and hide them within their cities.  Can
Keen recover all the pieces and repel the Vorticon invasion?  You'll explore
many dangerous cities, packed with diabolical traps and hideous creatures,
both of Martian and Vorticon origin.  Use your pogo stick to reach high ledges
and jump deadly pits, and use your ray gun to stun the Vorticon invaders.  Can
you find the secret city?

"Marooned on Mars" is episode one of the Commander Keen trilogy.  Only part
one is available via shareware distribution, the other two episodes ("The
Earth Explodes" and "Keen Must Die!") may only be purchased from Apogee
Software Productions.

located on the planet mars.  Episode two takes place on the immense Vorticon
mothership, where you'll need to stop the destruction of Earth by disabling
the eight deadly ray cannons aimed at Earth's greatest cities and wonders. 
Episode three takes Keen to the dangerous Vorticon home planet, where you'll
explore huge caves, battle the top Vorticon ninja fighters and discover the
secret of the Grand Intellect.

                            SUPER KEEN FUN-PAK OFFER

Order all six Keen games (including both episodes of Goodbye Galaxy, and the
"Special Edition" episode, Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter) for $90, which averages
to just $15 per game!

To order, any of the Commander Keen games, call 1-800-GAME-123 during business
hours, or use the ORDER.FRM file.

                               THANKS FROM APOGEE

A sincere thanks for purchasing this software package.  Much time, effort, and
expense goes into the development of our software, and your support helps
ensure that we will be able to continue bringing you high quality, enjoyable
software.   Enjoy the game!