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This is a list of easter eggs (intentionally hidden messages and functions) in Keen Dreams.

Secret Level

There are several F10+W (warp) numbers (including 6) that lead to Level 6, a secret level containing several goodies. You can also use 8, 11 or 13 as the level in the warp section to get into this level. This is not considered to be a genuine secret level by the majority of the Keen community, as it requires a cheat to enter. It is believed (and highly likely) that this room was used as a debug room or 'placeholder level' while developing Keen Dreams, but this has yet to be proven.

It is also worthy of note that all these levels have been removed from the original registered versions (the Softdisk Publishing versions do have them).

Climbable ID

KD ID Logo.png

At the top of Castle Tuberia, there are lots of fire pits and electric floor. To the far right, there is a large fire pit, shining letter ID, and two extra lives. Getting them without cheating is impossible — unless you know this trick: Jump on to the I and climb like a pole. From here, you can jump to the lives without dying. Note you will die if you try this on the D. It is too short.