Keen GBC Hazards

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This is a list of all the hazards in Keen GBC. A hazard is something that damages Keen, but is not a creature.

Droid dropper.png
Droid dropper – a claw found in some parts of the Robot Hive that will drop a deactivated Droid 2 on unsuspecting hero heads.
KeenGBC fire.png
Fire – the ground burns in many parts of the Fiery Canyon.
KeenGBC jets.png
Fire jets – constant jets of fire shooting from the ground and ceiling of The Plasma Crystal Mines.
Flame burst.png
Flame burst – constant balls of fire bursting out of the ground of the Fiery Canyon.
Plasma arc.png
Plasma arc – arcs of pure energy found in the Shikadi Spacecraft in Shikadi in Space.
Satellite dish.png
Satellite dish – found in The Bobba Fortress, shoots a ball of energy when Keen passes by.
KeenGBC shield.png
Shield – found in The Imperial Palace, shields with chevrons with drop as Keen passes by.
Slider – fast moving shuttles found in the Robot Hive that will damage anyone unfortunate enough to get in their way.
KeenGBC large spikes.png
Large spikes – large pointy spikes found in The Bobba Fortress.
KeenGBC medium spikes.png
Medium spikes – medium-sized spikes found in the Robot Hive.
Small orange spikes.png
Small orange spikes – small spikes found in Blooglet Lake.
Small purple spikes.png
Small purple spikes – small spikes found in The Imperial Palace.
Spiked teeth.png
Spiked teeth – large teeth-shaped spikes found in the Fiery Canyon.
Toxic-Slime – a green grunge that is splattered around the Shikadi Spacecraft in Shikadi in Space.