pLeitorian's 2nd Levelpack

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PLeitorian's 2nd Levelpack
Keen 1 title.png
Mod-ingame-PLeitorian's 2nd Levelpack.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
HomepagepLeitorian's website
Number of levels16
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?No
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
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Other mods in this seriespLeitorian's 1st Levelpack,
pLeitorian's 3rd Levelpack

pLeitorian's 2nd Levelpack is the second of three levelpacks for Keen 1 released by pLeitorian with 16 levels each. This levelpack has more square levels compared to the previous one. Like other levelpacks in the series, the levels can often get difficult. This levelpack has a unique structure in that while Keen still has to get his ship parts back, those parts are all in a level that can only be accessed through using one of the teleporters that are found in many levels. There are many areas that are hidden offscreen, which are shown in the level maps below.


Technical Information

  • Text: left unchanged
  • Graphics: same Keen 1 graphics
  • Levels: 16 levels
  • Tools used: Keen Make-Over