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The CONFIG.CKx (CONFIGuration) file is a file containing the configuration options in Keen Galaxy. It is loaded when the game starts, and saved when the game is properly exited.

File name

These patches control the CONFIG file name. The first controls what file configuration options are read from when the game starts, while the second controls what file the options are saved to on exit. If the two filenames differ then odd things occur, notably the game setting may not save, so the game will effectively be 'reset' each time it is played.

In Keen 5 the same filename is used for looking and for creating the CONFIG file so this problem cannot so easily occur.

Keen 4

#Look for CONFIG
%patch $1949D  [$468CW]
%patch $334FC "CONFIG.CK4" $00

#Create CONFIG
%patch $1966D  [$469BW]
%patch $3350B "CONFIG.CK4" $00

Keen 5

#Look for CONFIG
%patch $1A43B  [$3CDEW]

#Create CONFIG
%patch $1A60B  [$3CDEW]

%patch $3401E "CONFIG.CK5" $00

Keen 6

#Look for CONFIG
%patch $1910D  [$408CW]
%patch $34DBC "CONFIG.CK6" $00

#Create CONFIG
%patch $192DD  [$409BW]
%patch $34DCB "CONFIG.CK6" $00

Disable saving configuration

These patches prevent the game saving data to the configuration file when the game is exited. The end result of this is to 'lock' the game into its default settings (If no CONFIG file is provided) or to custom settings (If a configuration file is provided.)

Note that players will be able to alter the game settings, but their alterations will not be saved and will have to be repeated each time they play the game.

Disable saving configuration

#Don't write to config file on exit -Keen 4
%patch $19664 $E9 $0134W

#Don't write to config file on exit -Keen 5
%patch $1A602 $E9 $0134W

#Don't write to config file on exit -Keen 6
%patch $192D4 $E9 $0134W