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This page covers patches relating to the Keen Dreams "DONE" sign that appears over completed levels. For markers used in other episodes see Patch:Done markers and Patch:Flags.

Trigger tile

The done sign is placed on the map on a 'trigger tile' if that tile has a level number sprite on it. This is similar to the flag holders in Keen Galaxy.

Keen Dreams

#Tile that when under level icon triggers DONE sign
%patch $4B59 [$5A]

Tiles used in sign

The done sign consists of four tiles; one of which is, by default, tile 0 or 'nothing'. The tiles are placed in a 2x2 square, just like the DONE markers in Keen Vorticons.

Keen Dreams

#Tiles used in DONE sign:
%patch $4B53 [$0000W] #Clears 1,1 and 2,1 of level icon block
%patch $4B75 [$0083W] #1,1 (DO)
%patch $4B82 [$0084W] #2,1 (NE)
%patch $4B67 [$0085W] #2,2 (Sign stick)