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The finale file is used during the ending sequence in Keen Vorticons. It is related to filename patches. See also Patch:Ending sequence.

Finale filename

Note that it does not matter whether the name is in caps or lowercase; these are merely the defaults.

Keen finale file name

#Keen 1 :
%patch $853D  [$2C62W] #Text called from
%patch $15CB2 "FINALE.CK1" $00

#Keen 2 :
%patch $53DB  [$2B6CW] #Text called from
%patch $1A2EC "finale.ck2" $00

#Keen 3 :
%patch $5CF0  [$2CDCW] #Text called from
%patch $1C4FC "finale.ck3" $00

Finale and endtext level

Interestingly in Keen 2 the level changes after the Vorticon Mothership sequence to level 81, the same level it was already changed to. However this means that a second level can be used when the Game Over\High Score window appears after the endtext.

Keen 2

#Finale level
%patch $53E4  [81]