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In Keen Dreams the game help consists of a menu in the Main Menu that contains three options, each of which displays text when selected.

Editing the menu

Patches that alter the help menu itself can be found on the Keen Dreams Main Menu page. These include altering the bitmaps and descriptions used for each option as well as what they do.

Location of help text

The location of all three help text segments is given by two variables. The first gives the game segment, this is the location missing its last digit. (So something at $229E9 would have the value $229ERW.) The second value is the last digit. (So for our previous example $0009W) but by default all second values are 0.

Note that the first value ends with 'RW' and the second with 'W'; if this is not the case the game will crash. Changing the text locations allows the modder to alter the size of each text segment.

Keen Dreams

#Location of first (main) help text segment, $22EF0
%patch $15642 [$22EFRW]
%patch $15647 [$0000W]

#Location of second (controls) help text segment, $229E0
%patch $1564E [$229ERW]
%patch $15653 [$0000W]

#Location of third (story) help text segment, $23090
%patch $1565A [$2309RW]
%patch $1565F [$0000W]