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Korath is the secret level in Keen 5 in the lower right half of the map. One can get to it by using the teleporter in the Gravitational Damping Hub. For patches relating to the small korath sprite see Patch:Korath (Sprite).

There is also text for when Keen returns to the map, but is 'on Korath'

Level name and entry text

This is the name of the Korath level and its entry text. Note that when exiting the level Keen gets a different message than the one he usually gets when returning to the map. This is controlled by Keen's vertical position on the map. (See below.)

Keen 5

#Level name
%patch $201C0 "Korath III Base" $00

#Level entry text
%patch $20470 "Keen faces danger" $0A
              "in the secret $0A
              "Korath III Base" $00

#Used when Keen exits Korath level
%patch $6214  [$0223W] #Text called from
%patch $30563 "Keen steps out" $0A
              "onto Korath III" $00

Vertical position of Korath base

If Keen is vertically lower on the map than 100 tiles he will see a different message when returning to the map and a different level name in the status screen. By default, the alternate values are displayed when his position is below 100 ($64). (See also Patch:Jump conditions.)

Keen 5

#Vertical position of Korath base
%patch $6210  [$64] {$76} #Returning to map
%patch $7CE8  [$64] {$76} #Level name

Korath fuse

To get the special ending, the game checks the "completed" value for the Korath level. If it is 15 (special fuse value), then it plays the special ending, otherwise the normal one. In the patches below, 0 is incomplete and 1 is normal complete. It pays off to know something about Patch:Jump conditions.

Keen 5

#Korath level
%patch $EC31 $36 #Level 13 (28 + (2 * 13) = 36

Get special ending by just completing Korath level

This patch alters things so that the special ending of the game plays if the player has completed the Korath level in nay way, wither by breaking the fuse or just exiting.

Keen 5

#You get the Korath fuse ending just for completing Korath, fuse or not
%patch $EC33 [$01] $72
%patch $EC31 $36 #Level 13 (28 + (2 * 13) = 36)

The Korath fuse is also special. It can only be broken with a very high pogo jump, that is, only on easy by default. The only way to fix this is to alter the fuse to not be special, or to alter Keen's pogo height so that it is the same on all three difficulties.

Level Korath fuse message appears in

The level that the Korath fuse text appears in is separate from that checked for the game ending, though by default they are the same.

Keen 5

#Level that causes Korath text to be read:
%patch $F8AC  [$0D] {$75}