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This page contains patches that relate to the map level in Keen 3. Patches that affect levels in general, such as ones that change tile properties or sprites are not covered here but rather at Patch:Levels. The patches on this page affect the map and only the map.

A related page that covers the 'done' markers that appear only on the map is Patch:Done markers; patches affecting Keen's map sprite are found on Patch:Keen on map (Vorticons). Other map level patches can be found at Patch:Map.

Map level

This patch controls what level is treated as the map. By default this is level 80 ($50). There are two parts to the patch, the level where Keen's start location is obtained and the level Keen is spawned. Both of these values should match. Note that in the map level sprites do not spawn normally, instead they become level entrances. It is possible to have the map level be the same level as a regular level.

Keen 3

#Map level
%patch $892F [$50] #Keen's location
%patch $8AB2 [$50] #Map file


There are several sounds related to the map. The two most basic are Keen's map walking sound (played whenever he moves on the map.) and Keen's map blocked sound. (Played whenever Keen tries to walk into a solid tile on the map.) There is also the 'appear on map' sound that is triggered when Keen starts a game, loads a game or exits a level. (It is related to the Keens Left Window.)

Teleporter sounds make an appearance as do sounds relating to Messie.

Keen 3

%patch $B5C2 $02     #Keen blocked on map sound
%patch $B5CC $01     #Walk on map sound
%patch $B800 $1A     #Get on Messie sound
%patch $B988 $12     #Teleport go sound
%patch $BAEC $12     #Teleport arrive sound
%patch $9865 $29     #Appear on map sound

#Don't play sounds
%patch $B5C1 $EB $06 #Keen blocked on map sound disabled
%patch $B5CB $EB $06 #Walk on map sound disabled
%patch $B7FF $EB $06 #Get on Messie sound disabled
%patch $B987 $EB $06 #Teleport go sound disabled
%patch $BAEB $EB $06 #Teleport arrive sound disabled
%patch $9864 $EB $06 #Appear on map sound disabled

Disable no clipping with God Mode

This stops Keen from being able to walk all over the map level when he has God mode enabled.

Keen 3

#Disable map clipping with G O D cheat:
%patch $AF77 $EB