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This page contains patches that relate to the map in Keen 6, that is, things that can only be done on the map. See also Patch:Keen on map (Galaxy). An important page is Patch:Keen 6 map items; this contains all of the patches relating to the three items Keen must collect on his journey as well as the obstacles that need those items. They are not included here as the patches relate closely to the item sprites. A related page is the Satellite.

What level is the map

These patches alter what level the map is. There are several aspects to this which potentially allows multiple map levels.

Level game starts in

This patch causes the player to start the game in a different level than the map. (Level 0) The values of the level variable given here will start the game in the default BWB level.

There is one minor side effect to this patch; the high word of the Extra Keen At score is not set to 0. What this means is that the game cannot start with an Extra Keen At score of more than 65'000 or so without a slightly more complicated patch being used.

Keen 6

#Keen starts game in the BWB
%patch $5A8F {$75A4W} [$0011W]

Level Keen returns to on completing a level

This patch changes what level the player returns to when he completes any level. (Including level 0, the default map.) By default this is level 0, but it can be any other game level if desired. If the starting level is not changed, (See above) then the game will in effect have a 'starting map' that may never be accessed again after a level is entered.

Keen 6

#Level Keen returns to on completing a level
%patch $68E9 {$75A4W} [$0000W]

No map, just go to next level

This patch alters the 'complete level' code so that Keen will not return to the map but instead moves to the next level A side effect of this is that Keen can complete level 0 and go to level 1. (No map.) Levels are not marked as done, but this has no effect in the default game.

This also means the 'one moment' window will not appear when exiting the original map level. (Level 0.) It is compatible with most other patches on this wiki. Note that this patch assumes Keen starts on level 0 as the initial 'next level' value is 1.

Keen 6

#Winning level goes to next level
%patch $68D4 $FF $06 $7558W  $90 $90 $90
%patch $68E7 $A1 $7558W  $A3 $75A4W
%patch $68F3 $EB $0A

No flipping flags\No flags

In Keen 6 the flags 'flip' toward the level flag holder when (and only when) the level is first completed. The first patch here makes it so that flags always spawn in holders, with no flipping. The second makes it so nothing is spawned when levels are first completed.

Keen 6: No flipping flags

#Flags are always sitting
%patch $5F0F $EB

#No flipping flag
%patch $5F11 $EB $0C

The first patch here makes flags always flip, due to the way this works, the flag of the lowest level Keen has completed will flip normally, the other levels will have no flipping flag, but a flag will appear in the holder about a second after the level is exited. This is a bit odd, but may be useful. The second patch prevents sitting flags appearing on levels Keen has already completed but keeps the flipping flag (and thus sitting flag produced) that appears when a level is first done. Finally the third patch completely removes flags from the map.

Keen 6: No sitting flags

#Flags always flip
%patch $5F0F $90 $90

#No sitting flags
%patch $5F1F $EB $0A

#No flags at all
%patch $5F04 $EB $25