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This page contains patches that relate to the map in Keen Dreams, that is, things that can only be done on the map. See also Patch:Keen on map (Galaxy) and Patch:Keen on map (Dreams).

Level Keen goes to on exiting level

When Keen wins a level he returns to the map by default, but this can be changed. This will cause Keen to enter a regular level. (Keen will then be stuck in that level as exiting will return him to it. Only death will return him to the map.)

Keen Dreams

#Level Keen goes to on exiting level (Map)
%patch $5E22 [$0000W]

Level Keen returns to on quitting after dying

The 'You didn't make it past' window has two options, to restart the current level or to quit to the map. It is possible to change what level the 'map' is and thus offer the player the chance to try a different level on failing.

Keen Dreams

#Level Keen goes to when he quit to 'map'
%patch $5C87 [$0000W]
%patch $5CC5 [$0000W]

Lowest and highest levels accessible from map

There are two limits as to what levels the player can access from the main map. The first is the lowest level (By default level 0, meaning you can access the map from the map.) and the second is the highest level (by default level 15.) The difference between these two values is the number of levels accessible on the map. See also Patch:Jump conditions. Note that the actual values are for the sprites placed on the map which means that 3 must be added to them.

Keen Dreams

#Range of levels Keen can enter from the map in Keen Dreams
%patch $6A46 [$03] {$7C} #Minimum +3
%patch $6A4B [$12] {$7F} #Maximum +3