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Help may refer to three different kinds of patches depending on the episode involved. Keen Vorticons patches are mostly simple text patches. Keen Galaxy patches are more involved, while Keen 6 does not have a help menu, both Keen 4 and 5 do, one with multiple sections, images, colors and text. Finally Keen dreams has a unique multi-menu setup that as yet has not been patched.

Help pages

The following pages relate to help of the various games; patches that do not fit neatly into these apges are listed in the following sections.

Vorticons 'Press F1 for help' image

These patches allow alteration of the second image used in the main menu screen, which indicates that help can be accessed by pressing F1. The location of the bitmap and the bitmap used can be altered. Vertical position is in pixels, horizontal position in 8x8 blocks.

Keen Vorticons Help image

#F1 bitmap - Keen 1
%patch $97C0 [$0002W] #Bitmap
%patch $97C4 [$00B6W] #V position
%patch $97C8 [$0013W] #H position

#F1 bitmap - Keen 2
%patch $9241 [$0002W] #Bitmap
%patch $9245 [$00B6W] #V position
%patch $9249 [$0010W] #H position

#F1 bitmap - Keen 3
%patch $A09A [$0002W] #Bitmap
%patch $A09E [$00B6W] #V position
%patch $A0A2 [$0010W] #H position

Don't display image

These patches stop the display of the help image or the help image and the title screen.

Don't show help image and\or titlescreen

#Don't show F1 bitmap - Keen 1
%patch $97BF $5D $C3

#Don't show F1 or title bitmaps - Keen 1
%patch $97AB $C3

#Don't show F1 bitmap - Keen 2
%patch $9240 $5D $C3

#Don't show F1 or title bitmaps - Keen 2
%patch $922C $C3

#Don't show F1 bitmap - Keen 3
%patch $A099 $5D $C3

#Don't show F1 or title bitmaps - Keen 3
%patch $A085 $C3

Disable help entirely

This patch completely disables the help text; pressing the F1 key produces no result. Note that the Keen 3 patch works differently. In Keen Galaxy help can either be disabled completely or under certain circumstances.

Disable help text entirely

#Disable help text entirely - Keen 1
%patch $0C92 $90 $90

#Disable help text entirely - Keen 2
%patch $0C92 $90 $90

#Disable help text entirely - Keen 3
%patch $0DBB $0D7EW

Keen 4

#Disable help
%patch $3F09  $EB     #Unknown, initiation screen?
%patch $51AB  $EB     #During terminator text
%patch $7930  $EB     #In game levels
%patch $1CED9 $90 $90 #In Main Menu

Keen 5

#Disable help
%patch $3F09  $EB     #Unknown, initiation screen?
%patch $51A5  $EB     #During terminator text
%patch $78EB  $EB     #In game levels
%patch $1DE75 $90 $90 #In Main Menu

#Totally disable help
%patch $EA5D $CB