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The Previews option in the main menu of Keen Vorticons leads to a screen and some text showcasing other games by Apogee Software. In Keen 1 it is also accompanied by the display of two images from Keen 2 and Keen 3. For patches relating to the previews text itself see Patch:Large text files.

Don't load Previews files

This patch stops the game loading the previews file into memory when starting and also prevents it checking if the file is present. If the Previews option in the main menu is not disabled, accessing it will crash the game. Using this patch frees up some memory and also allows the PREVIEWS.CK1 file to be deleted.

Keen 1

#Don't use Previews text file
%patch $7972 $EB $0C #Don't load
%patch $79C8 $EB $07 #Don't check

How long Previews images are displayed

This patch allows a modder to alter how long each Previews image is displayed for. By default this is $012C = 300 * 1/64th of a second, or about 4.6 seconds each.

Keen 1

#Change the time that the two previews take 
%patch $96F2  $012CW #Image 1
%patch $9713  $012CW #Image 2

Don't show Previews images

These patches disable one or both Previews images from being displayed. The patches cannot be combined, only one of the following can be used.

Keen 1

#Stop both the previews images showing:
%patch $95BA $90 $90 $90
%patch $95C1 $08
%patch $96E5 $EB $34

#Only one previews image shows
%patch $96E5 $EB $16

Size of Previews textbox

The previews text window will be as wide as the screen. However its height in lines of text is alterable. By default it is 22 lines high, as high as the screen. (An invalid value will crash the game with gibberish.) If made shorter the Main Menu will be visible behind it.

Size of story textbox

#Height of story textbox - Keen 1
%patch $971C [$0016W]

Name of Previews files

These are the filenames, and text calls for those names, used by Keen Vorticons Previews. Note that they are only useful in Keen 1, where external files are used. Note too that Keen 1 has three previews files, the text and two images. See also Patch:Files and filenames.

Keen Previews filenames

#Keen 1 :
#Previews text
%patch $7977  [$28D5W]
%patch $15925 "PREVIEWS." $00

#First Previews image
%patch $96E6  [$3116W]
%patch $16166 "PREVIEW2.CK1" $00

#Second Previews image
%patch $96FE  [$3123W]
%patch $16173 "PREVIEW3.CK1" $00

#Keen 2 :
#Previews text (Not used)
%patch $7D93  [$2D3DW]
%patch $1A4BD "PREVIEWS." $00

#Keen 3 :
#Previews text (Not used)
%patch $86A4  [$2D77W]
%patch $1C597 "PREVIEWS." $00