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This page covers patches relating to the Shift-Tab cheat in Keen Vorticons which allows Keen to skip an uncompleted, blocking level. For other cheat patches see Patch:C T Space Cheat and Patch:G O D Cheat

Keys that activate cheat

Two keys are needed to activate the Shift-Tab code. These must be pressed together. Both the keys can be the same. This patch uses scancodes for key values. The original discussion and examples of this patch are here.

Keen 1

#CTSpace cheat keys:
%patch $AC16 [$503BW] #Tab
%patch $AC1D [$5056W] #Left shift

Keen 2

#CTSpace cheat keys:
%patch $A691 [$5017W] #Tab
%patch $A698 [$5032W] #Left shift

Keen 3

#CTSpace cheat keys:
%patch $B579 [$5067W] #Tab
%patch $B580 [$5082W] #Left shift

Disable cheat

These patches completely disable the shift-tab cheat.

Disable shift-tab cheat

#Disable shift-tab cheat - Keen 1
%patch $AC14 $EB $12

#Disable shift-tab cheat - Keen 2
%patch $A68F $EB $12

#Disable shift-tab cheat - Keen 3
%patch $B577 $EB $12