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The sound window is a window in Keen Vorticons that allows the player to change whether or not the game plays sounds. It is one of the configuration options in the Vorticon series. It can be accessed in the main menu or in-game by pressing the F2 key. See also: Patch:Sounds.


Keen Vorticons Sounds window patches

#Keen 1:
%patch $0CBC  [$0001W] #Height
%patch $0CC0  [$000DW] #Width
%patch $0CCA  [$1D91W] #Text called from
%patch $14DE1 "Sound (Y/N)?" $00

#Keen 2:
%patch $0CBC  [$0001W] #Height
%patch $0CC0  [$000DW] #Width
%patch $0CCA  [$2139W] #Text called from
%patch $198B9 "Sound (Y/N)?" $00

#Keen 3:
%patch $0D11  [$0001W] #Height
%patch $0D15  [$000DW] #Width
%patch $0D1E  [$2271W] #Text called from
%patch $1BA91 "Sound (Y/N)?" $00


This patch completely disables the sounds window, making it impossible for the player to change whether or not the sound are on or off without bypassing the mod. (Sounds themselves are not disabled, just the sounds window.)

Disable Sounds window

#Disable Sounds window -Keen 1:
%patch $0CB5 $EB $75

#Disable Sounds window -Keen 2:
%patch $0CB5 $EB $75

#Disable Sounds window -Keen 3:
%patch $0D0A $EB $76

Keys used for options

The sounds window uses an alphanumeric scancode to discern which key has been pressed. By default it responds to the 'Y' key by turning sound on and the 'N' key by turning it off. (All other keys close the window.) In this scheme 'A' has a value of $41, 'B' $42, etc.

Keen Vorticons Sounds window patches

#Sound Y\N keys -Keen 1:
%patch $0CDF  $4E #N
%patch $0CEE  $59 #Y

#Sound Y\N keys -Keen 2:
%patch $0CDF  $4E #N
%patch $0CEE  $59 #Y

#Sound Y\N keys -Keen 3:
%patch $0D34  $4E #N
%patch $0D43  $59 #Y