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This page is a tutorial page on patching sprite sounds. It contains information on what sprite sounds are and how to patch them. A sprite's sounds are, unsurprisingly, the sounds sprites make. A page listing all known sound patches, sprite and otherwise, is located at Patch:Sounds.

Sounds are played by sending a value to the 'play sounds' code. Thus there are two types of patch, those that change the sound played and those that stop playing the sound entirely. The first type will be a one or two byte path, the second is a three or five byte one.

Below are examples of both sounds patches and sound blocking patches for various episodes of Keen. Each works slightly differently, so it is important to note which episode you are working with. With a good understanding it is possible to take a sound patch and make other patches from it.

Keen 1

%patch $209B $17     #Ice cannon fire 
%patch $209A $EB $07 #Ice cannon fire silent

Keen 2

%patch $624A $1B     #Keen plummets off edges sound
%patch $6249 $EB $07 #Keen plummets off edges sound disabled

Keen 3

%patch $43E9 $27     #Vortikid shot sound
%patch $43E8 $EB $06 #Vortikid shot sound disabled

Keen 4

%patch $113AB $0020W  #Lick flaming sound
%patch $113AA $EB $0A #Don't play  sound

Keen 5

%patch $11AF5 $24     #Shelley explode when shot sound
%patch $11AF4 $EB $0A #Don't play Shelley explode when shot sound

Keen 6

%patch $11C47 $2A     #Flect reflect Keen's shots sound
%patch $11C46 $EB $0A #Don't play Flect reflect Keen's shots sound