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Hi there!

I have been trying to use the Keen map stand on the map buit discovered somne wrong offsets.

The version is 1.40 in all builds. Hope this helps. We should change that here!

Keen 4:

0x15c2 Map Keen Standing

Keen 5:

0x146e Map Keen Standing

How did you come across this? The values you give don't seem to match the others. (Most actions occur in blocks that store actions as strings $1E long and thus $1E apart.) Did you find an action? Is there reference to it in the code somewhere? -Levellass 05:54, 1 August 2012 (GMT)

I tried to implement the actions on map of Keen and discovered that CG can better handle those values. Everything else is working perfectly! I will test that again, but it took me an afternoon to discover that, so I'm pretty sure. I don't think the blocks are all tied together. Yeah the size is $1E or 30 bytes... -Gerstrong 05:50 PM, 29 August 2012