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PlanetCK is a website, run by Genius314, running from 2005 to 2007.


In 2005, Xtraverse set up a subdomain on Spatang to host Genius314's website, PlanetCK. Grafix helped with the CSS coding, and the website was quickly set up. Over the next few months, Genius314 had planned to fill in the pages with information, ranging from basic game info to guides on how to mod. However, he never got around to doing so, and eventually just stopped updating the site.


The site also featured a forum, powered by phpBB. It has become a dead place, and most of the posts are from spambots.

Closing Down

Genius314 is planning on removing the site entirely. A main reason for this, besides lack of interest, is the fact that there is now a KeenWiki. His original plan for PlanetCK was to be an all-in-one resource for Keen information. The site will most likely be removed before 2008.

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