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Platforms, also known as 'moving platforms', 'horizontal\vertical platforms' or 'goplats' are sprites found in some form or other in all Keen games except Keen 1. They are in essence creatures that the player can stand upon and be moved from place to place. There are two basic types of platform; the first are platforms proper; their sole function is to move Keen from one place to the next. The second type is a creature that has other behaviors and functions, but can incidentally be ridden by Keen.

This page lists and links to other platform pages, since the diversity of platform sprites mandates they be given their own pages. It also contains some patches that make non-platform sprites into platforms.

This page does not relate to ground being used as platforms.

'True' Platform Sprites

These are platforms proper and can easily be identified as such. Each listed page covers all the platforms in a given game since the Keen Galaxy games have more than one kind of platform per game.

Other Platform Sprites

These are sprites that Keen can ride on. They do not include sprites that merely push him about such as the Yorp.

  • The bounder in Keen 4 can be ridden and even guided and is almost solely a platform.
  • The Gik in Keen 6 can also be ridden, but attacks Keen and is an enemy.