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Text description of the actor. Typically taken from the in-game help text.

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Android Dummy.png +A hoax plotted by [[Mortimer McMire]].  +
Apel.png +A creature that can climb up and down poles.  +
Arachnu.png +Arachnut-like babyish alien.  +
Arachnut.png +A green crab-like creature, commonly found in the desert.  +
Asparagusto.png +A creature that runs with much gusto!  +
Babobba.png +A baby [[Bobba]].  +
Badoing.png +A bouncy worm alien.  +
Berkeloid GBC.png +A fiery guy.  +
Berkeloid.png +A fiery creature.  +
Bip.png +Tiny yellow creatures that control [[Bipship]]s and moving platforms, and are easily squashed.  +
Bipship.png +A flying saucer piloted by a [[Bip]].  +
Bloog GBC.png +A one-eyed stupid green alien.  +
Bloog.png +A large green bird.  +
Blooglet GBC.png +A baby Bloog.  +
Blooglet.png +A harmless young [[Bloog]], some of which carry [[Gems]].  +
Blooguard GBC.png +A Bloog with a big club.  +
Blooguard.png +A stronger [[Bloog]] that can momentarily stun you by slamming its club onto the ground.  +
Blorb.png +A floating red blob.  +
Blue Bird Egg.png +A fragile egg that when broken, will produce a [[Blue Bird]].  +
Blue Bird.png +An invincible eagle-like creature.  +
Bobba GBC.png +Giant bouncy worm-like alien.  +
Bobba.png +A large red one-legged creature.  +
Bounder GBC.png +Spherical red bouncy guy.  +
Bounder.png +A happy red bouncing ball, not afraid of giving you a lift.  +
Broccolash.png +A vegetable with a strong head of hair...  +