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Text shown when the player enters a level.

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Keen searches Planet Krisle!  +
Keen explores the Dark Swamp  +
Keen marches into the Murky Marsh  +
Keen lurks in the Larvae Lagoon  +
Keen climbs through the Crystallite Caverns  +
Keen plummets down Emerald Canyon  +
Keen infiltrates the Atroxian Mines  +
Keen attacks the Atroxian Base  +
Keen sneaks through the Security Layer  +
Keen breaks into Port Atrox  +
Keen swarms into the Hornet Hive  +
Keen bobs through Brithom Bog  +
Keen discovers the Kridonea Gateway  +
Keen enters the Krilewood Forest  +
Keen battles through The Catacombs  +
Keen reverently enters The Great Ziggurat  +
Keen anxiously ascends The Sky Sanctum  +
Keen battles Atroxus in the Realm Reactor  +
Keen scales the Crystal Sanctuary  +
Keen enters the Kridonea Ruins  +