Random Maze Generator

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Random Maze Generator
Random Maze Generator.png
Initial release
Development statusFinished
Tool TypeRandom Maze Level Generator

The Random Maze Generator is a tool written by Snaily that creates maze levels for Keen: Vorticons. Just like other levels, they can be opened and modified with a level editor.


The program is run from the command line using options for filename, seed (not required), horizontal and vertical size (in maze cells).

keenmaze -o<output filename> -s<randomizer seed> -x<horizontal size> -y<vertical size>

Example and its result:

keenmaze -oLEVEL01.CK1 -s9 -x20 -y10

Maze level created using the values above

A level generated with the tool also contains Keen and an exit door.

While the author intended the program to be used for Keen 1, the level files are interchangeable between the three episodes, only the filename extension (.CKx) has to be changed. In the case of Keen 3, the levels are unplayable without modifications due to the different tile properties and the resulting lack of solid tiles.