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Koraths or Shikadi?

Is the Base actually owned by Koraths? I always figured it was owned by Shikadi, since it has similar structures to the ones in the Omegamatic. --Genius314 02:34, 24 June 2007 (GMT)

The base is populated mainly by Koraths, and in the alternative ending, the Shikadi are detained by the Korath Police of the Korath Base for double parking. That implies that the Shikadi were only using the base for parking, and that the Korath are the "owners" or actual inhabitants. The construction similarities could go the other way: the Shikadi, parking on Korath, may have been inspired by their structures when building the Omegamatic with Vitacorp. Or, maybe those structures are just common in that sector of the galaxy. Sega381 13:03, 25 June 2007 (GMT)
I guess. I just always figured that the Koraths were only there because they were just exploring it or something. Also, theres the fact that there are two teleporters leading from the base to the Omegamatic, and a fuse controlling their getaway ship. I don't really care what the article says, though. Its not like it matters that much. --Genius314 13:59, 25 June 2007 (GMT)
Of course it matters, it's Commander Keen! :) Nah, it doesn't matter much, but that's the point of this wiki... to write and comment on Keen things. The answer I gave you is just my opinion on the things; there is not enough evidence to support either claim. Probably id didn't give too much thought to who owned the base, hence the inconsistencies. I could answer your points saying that the fuse was controlling his parking space, or part of the underside of the ship (which is not actually seen)... the teleporters could have been installed next to their parking space by the Shikadi, or may be provided by the Korath Base Parking Center for ease of access to parking space :). Anyway, I guess just more people think it's owned by Koraths, that's why the article says so. It could be modified to say that it's not clear. But you do have a valid point: there is not much consistency either way. - Sega381 00:38, 27 June 2007 (GMT)

For me it was built by the Shikadi, and it interferes with Koraths' daily activities, and that would explain why they walk around in it and often look at you with a face displaying confusion. --Shadow Master 15:46, 27 June 2007 (GMT)

Picture is bleargh

Should the picture be replaced with a decently upscaled version? this one frankly hurts my sensibilities when I look at it. I'll do it later maybe.

If you have the time and skills, be my guest and do it.