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The downloads links has been deleted, because those are no longer available from, moreover a slightly new ultimate version will be coming, which are the following:

  • rewritten story
  • 2 new enemies
  • fixed graphics
  • only 1 secret level
  • Oppressor Keen has been removed from the story of this episode
  • Martinez dead animation changes
  • edited story screen
  • now the previews are screenshots from episode two and three
  • on the titlescreen the "Episode One: Cybernetic Dream" letter form will be changed to Keen 1-3ish style

So PLEASE, understand me, I really had to remove the links because of the upcoming totally new and fixed version. And like I told the download links don't work anymore, because those are no longer on I also had to remove the levelmap pictures, because some levels are deleted or changed. And not at least I had to put "?" for the release date, the secret levels, the downloads. Szemigi 20:15 PM

Szemigi, you shouldn't have removed the content from the page, especially the maps. Feel free to update the maps when the new version is finished and uploaded. But until that time, do not remove them. -- Flaose 00:28, 29 November 2012 (GMT)