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This template is intended to be used in the description page for an uploaded image of an item that can be picked up, such as a point item or access key.

It is intended to be used with both mods and official games.

Example use for mods, for a point item:

 | Name = My point item
 | Game = My mod
 | Type = Point
 | Points = 1000

For a collectible item:

 | Name = My collectible
 | Game = My mod
 | Type = Collectible
 | Description = Brief explanation about what this item does.
Parameter Description
Name = My item Text value with the item's name.
Link = My item (My mod) Page name where the item should link to, if different from the Name (e.g. Candy Bar links to Candy Bar (Keen Dreams) and Candy Bar (Keen 3)). Avoid using this option unless you need to.
Episode = 4 For official games only, do not use in mods. Episode in question of the original game. Text value, one of:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Dreams, GBC, Other.

Game = My Mod For mods only, do not use for official games. Page for the mod this level is from.
Type = Point Text value with the item's type. One of:
  • Point for items that give points and nothing else
  • Collectible for items that are collected and used later
Points = 200 Only shown when Type = Point. Number of points the item gives the player when it is picked up.
Description = Insert witty phrase here. Only shown when Type = Collectible. Text description explaining what the item does.