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This template is intended to be used in the description page for an uploaded image of an actor (creature, enemy, etc.) in a mod.

Example use:

 | Name = Dartfrog
 | Replacement = Bounder
 | Game = Atroxian Realm
 | Lethal = No
 | Immortal = No
 | Description = Optional description about this actor.
Parameter Description
Name = My creature Name of the actor, as text.
Replacement = Garg Page name of the official actor that is being replaced.
Game = My Mod Page for the mod this level is from.
Lethal = Yes Boolean value indicating whether the actor will kill the player upon contact or not.
Immortal = Yes Boolean value indicating whether the actor can ever be killed by the player.
Description = Insert witty phrase here. Text description of the actor. Typically taken from the in-game help text.