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Mod Infobox
File:Mod Infobox.png
There is no image of this mod's title screen — upload one!
File:Mod-ingame-Mod Infobox.png
There is no in-game image of this mod — upload one!
Modded episodeUnknown
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Number of levelsUnknown
Secret levelsUnknown
New gameplay?Unknown
New graphics?Unknown
New levels?Unknown
New sounds?Unknown
New music?Unknown
DownloadLink needed!
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This template is used to display an information box containing details about a mod. See Aliens vs. Keen for example use.

Valid parameters and examples are:

Parameter/example Description
TitleImage = MyMod.png Image showing mod's title screen. Use the default name wherever possible (i.e. do not use this option unless you have to)
GameplayImage = Mod-ingame-MyMod.png Image showing a level in the mod being played. Use the default name wherever possible (i.e. do not use this option unless you have to)
ImageScale = 320px
ImageScale = x200px
Scale the two above images as a last resort. Do not use this unless the images cannot be scaled to 320×200. In particular, this must never be used because 320×200 screenshots were uploaded as 640×400 images - reupload them as 320×200. This option is only used for special cases where the original games actually run in 640×480 native resolution and need to be scaled down to fit in the infobox.
Episode = 1 Episode in question of the original game. Text value, one of:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Dreams, GBC, Other.

Game = Bio Menace Game being modded, if not Commander Keen. Any game, page title only (no wikicode).
Protagonist = Some Guy (This entry defaults to Commander Keen if omitted.) The name of the main character, as text.
Authors = [[User:Me|Me]], [http://www.example.com Example author] People who created this mod. Links to userpages (preferable) or home pages if authors do not have KeenWiki accounts. Comma-separated list of authors, as text. Use wikicode to link to userpages if present.
Status = Abandoned Current state of mod as text. One of Alpha (early test), Beta (demo), Complete, or Abandoned. Mods that have not yet been released to the public are not permitted on the KeenWiki.
ReleaseDate = 2005 Date the mod was first made public, YYYY-MM-DD if known.
LatestUpdate = 2015-01-01 Date of the most recent version, if there has been a version released after the ReleaseDate. YYYY-MM-DD if known.
Homepage = [http://www.example.com Example homepage] (This entry is not shown if omitted.) Link to mod's homepage as text wikicode.
Discussion = [http://www.pckf.com/viewtopic.php?t=314 PCKF] (This entry is not shown if omitted.) Links to mod's discussions at the PCKF and Keen: Modding. Text wikicode.
Levels = 12 Number of levels.
SecretLevels = 1 Number of secret levels.
NewGameplay = No Are there substantially new aspects of gameplay? This is usually only 'yes' for heavily patched mods. Boolean: Yes or No (default is "unknown")
NewGfx = Yes Are there new graphics? Text value of:
  • Yes - lots of new graphics
  • Some - some new graphics but lots of originals remain
  • No - no new graphics (or only one or two minor changes)
  • (default is "unknown")
NewLevels = Yes Are there any new levels? Boolean: Yes or No (default is "unknown")
NewSfx = Yes Are there new sound effects? Boolean: Yes or No (default is "unknown")
NewMusic = Yes Is there new music? Boolean: Yes or No (default is "unknown")
LatestDownloadURL = http://blah Main download URL (no brackets or wikicode). Used for download links on mod summary pages (e.g. Keen 4 mods). Bare URL pointing direct to .zip file of latest version.
LatestVersion = v1.1 Property:Latest version
Download = [http://blah version] Alternate download links, if any. Text wikicode listing the version(s) as link(s).
Series = [[MyMod episode 2]], [[MyMod episode 3]] Links to other mods in the same series (different episodes of this mod). text names with multiple pages separated by a comma and a space.
Notes = This is an example Some short text (~15 words or less) to display on mod summary pages. Currently not shown on the mod page itself.

Default values are shown if the parameter is omitted, so do not use any parameters unless the value is known (most of the defaults say "unknown")