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Shikadi Soda

This template will categorize articles that include it into a Multi-episode category (depending on the 'type' parameter.) It is intended to be used on articles where a creature or object appears in two places (e.g. Keen 4 and Keen GBC), but one is more well known than the other.

Example use: {{OtherAppearance | type=creature | thisepisode=Keen GBC | otherepisode=Keen 4 | otherlink=Bounder}}

The 'otherlink' parameter is optional, defaulting to the article name + otherepisode if omitted. It can be left out on the primary article page (e.g. "Bounder") but must be specified on the secondary page (e.g. "Bounder (Keen GBC)") to prevent the link from appearing as "Bounder (Keen GBC) (Keen 4)".