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Track {{{Track}}}: {{{Title}}}

Song Length: {{{Length}}}
Original filename: Unknown
Used in:
Location in download pack:
  • In-game IMF: Extracted IMFs/K{{{Game}}}T{{{Track}}}.imf

This template is used to display information about a song used in the Commander Keen series.

Valid parameters and examples are:

  • Track = 01 (order of song in game files; required)
  • Title = Shadows (required)
  • Length = 3:14 (song length; required)
  • Game = 4
  • IMFName = shadows.imf
  • MIDIName = Shadows Don't Scare Commander Keen.mid (Used when the download pack has a Bobby Prince MIDI release)
  • UnusedSong = Yes (Listed if the song was not used in the game)
  • Notes =
    * Note1
    * Note2
  • Level1 = Lifewater Oasis
  • Level2 = Second level where the song is used


  • Level8 = Up to eight levels can be listed
  • LevelRaw = Raw wikicode to be displayed after the last level (used for displaying sequence images when there is no associated level.)