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Initial Developer
Initial release
Latest update2010-07-04
Development statusFinished
PlatformDOS, Windows XP, 7-10, Linux
Tool TypePatching Tool
Engine(s)Keen:Vorticons, Keen:Galaxy
Discussion(s)K:M Discussion Thread
DownloadUnlzexe Windows 32-bit newest
UNLZEXE 16-bit, Mirror
Unlzexe Linux 32-bit, (Mirror)
Unlzexe Linux 64-bit, (Mirror)

UNLZEXE is a program that decompresses LZW compressed executables. It is notably used to decompress Keen executables before they can be patched.

There is a 16-bit and 32/64-bit version available.

Linux versions for 32 and 64-bit based systems do also exist.


16-bit version

If using the old, 16-bit version, you can simply drag-and-drop the compressed executable onto UNLZEXE. Successful decompression is heralded by the creation of a *.OLZ file (which contains the old, compressed file). This works on most windows systems up to Windows Vista.

Otherwise it must be run in DOSBox using the following commands:

Z:\>mount c "C:\the directory\the game is in"
  • Note: ? is the episode number of the executable you want to unlzexe.

32/64 bit version

In those versions you don't need DOSBox or mount anything. Just the following:

unlzexe file.exe

It will generate file.exenew which is the extracted version. You can also use the drag and drop method here on any windows version!

  • Note: 64-bit Windows versions should be able to use the Win32 bit build.

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